Looking At Nightlife Activities In The Cayman Islands

November 2, 2017

The Cayman Islands have plenty to offer from stunning weather to incredible natural parks and wilderness. While looking at the one of a kind beaches and beautiful natural wonders of the Grand Cayman Island, it is easy to forget that there are plenty of awesome bars, clubs, and other places to enjoy a little bit more of an adult’s night out. The Cayman Islands understand the many different types of tourists that visit the island, and they have a high quality nightlife for people who love nature during the day and some of the finer things (or parties) in life at night.

Read on to learn more about just a few of the many nightlife activities that are available when you visit the Cayman Islands.

A Thriving Bar Scene
There’s no question that the bar scene in the Caymans is alive and well. There are dozens upon dozens of choices and a wide array of themes to boot. The Green Parrot is famous and one of the most popular bars on all of Grand Cayman. They have a good selection, make a strong rum punch, and are a common stop off for cruises heading through the area.

The Whiskey Mist in George Town lives up to its name and backs up its claim as having the biggest selection of whisky found anywhere in the Caribbean. If you’re a whisky drinker this is the place to stop.

Legendz on 7-Mile Beach, Backroom in George Town, Calico Jack’s, and Coconut Joe’s Beach Bar and Grill are just some of the many popular and interesting bars found throughout the Cayman Islands and these all give very distinctive experiences and flavors for locals and visitors alike. This website shows a lot of things to do in Grand Cayman at night. You could have an entire week of amazing nightlife activities even with just this small list.

Plenty Of Lounges
If you prefer the feel of a lounge over your more traditional bar or nightclub, the good news is that there are several really top notch options throughout the Caymans. IN fact, three of the most popular in all the islands are all within a mile of each other just north of George Town (West Indies Wine Company, Barolo, and Havana Vieja Cigar Lounge). Many of these are themed so whether you’re looking for a place to leisurely smoke the finest cigars, sip on wine, or just enjoy the overall lounging experience – you have options.

Lounges are similar to bars in many ways but offer a very different experience. So if you’re a connoisseur of something fine or want a different pace to your nightlife adventure then this is a great way for you to go.

Short list of top Cayman lounges certainly include:
– Abacus Lounge (Grand Cayman)
– Barolo (approximately 3 miles north of George Town)
– Havana Vieja Cigar Lounge (2.7 miles north of George Town)
– Jillian’s Billiard Lounge & Bar (Grand Cayman)
– Osetra Bay Lounge (West Bay)
– West Indies Wine Company (2.3 miles north of George Town)

Some Excellent Nightclubs
Then again, what if you want the traditional nightclub experience with loud popular music, a lot of dancing, and enjoying the company of other dancing partiers around you wherever you look? Never fear, there are plenty of nightclubs in the Cayman Islands that are designed around that style of fun, as well!

The O Bar of George Town is one such popular nightclub location while Matrix Night Club does its thing on the ever popular 7 Mile Beach while Elements and Jet Nightclub also have strong followings and offer plenty of very fun and memorable experiences for all those who are enjoying the best that The Cayman Islands has to offer.

Monthly Full Moon Events
If you happen to be lucky enough (or plan ahead really well) to be visiting the Cayman Islands during a full moon you will be delighted to find out that there are several options that revolve around the full moon.

Full Moon Kaibo, for example, is proud to feature a “Luna del Mar” event on the beach with lots of live music and a delicious cook out setting every full moon, while several companies offer full moon paddle board guided tours that give you a very different view of the islands in the moon’s bright light.

Full moon horseback riding is also a very common thing here, as are special events or specials in the bars, lounges, and clubs that you may also be deciding to visit anyway. Since you also happen to be in one of the only 12 known places on planet Earth where bioluminescence is a thing, why not go out during the full moon and see how your kayaking excursion at night can make the water glow.

Plenty Of Other Options
From movie theaters to dinner shows to plenty of local or regional events, there are always plenty of options that add an interesting, fun, and diverse flavor to all the nightlife options in the area.

The Night Is What You Make Of It
There is no lack of options when it comes to enjoying a good nightlife when visiting the Cayman Islands, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to figure out which places really meet your definition of a great night and to set up the type of evening that you will truly enjoy. There’s plenty to see and do – so why not have the time of your life while doing it?

What to Consider When Filming in the Cayman Islands

September 29, 2017

The Cayman Islands are an excellent vacation destination and there is something about the appeal of the islands that makes you want to come back over and over again. After all, you could never tire of standing on the shore and looking out across the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is what attracts many people to the area, and that not only includes those on vacation it also includes those in the entertainment industry as well. In fact, filming in the Cayman Islands is quite popular and happens on a regular basis.

It is not only film studios that recognize the benefits of coming to the Cayman Islands, there is also a government agency that was established for that very purpose as well. It is the Cayman Islands Film Commission, also known by the acronym of CIFC. As of January 2009, they were established as a part of the Investment Bureau in the Cayman Islands and they are responsible for the development and promotion of the film industry in the islands. You may also want to keep this in mind if you are planning on doing any serious filming in the area.

One of the responsibilities of this organization is to promote the local entertainment community that is within the island itself. Although there may be people from around the world who come to the islands because of the beauty and the ability to capture that beauty on film, there are also many people who live in the islands that produce, write or direct their own projects that take place within the islands directly. This organization cares for those individuals and it even has the ability to finance the projects that are taking place as well.

Of course, if you are just visiting the island and you want to do a little bit of filming on your phone or perhaps with a portable video camera, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. One thing that you will notice, however, is that the pictures can be breathtakingly beautiful but it is never going to truly convey the beauty that the island holds when you are face to face with it. So go ahead and take your personal videos but if you plan on doing any serious videos in the Cayman Islands and doing a production, it’s best to go through the proper channels when doing so.